Cobb County Kia drops the ball with Falcons ticket promotion



Imagine buying a new car with the promise of getting free season tickets to your favorite sports team. It’s a promotion some customers say they couldn’t pass up, but those people tell CBS46 the dealership didn’t deliver after they bought their cars.

“I feel as though they were deceptive,” Cobb County Kia customer Katherine Burrion said.

Forget the new car smell, Burrion said the customer service she got at Cobb County Kiawasn’t up to par.

“They could have had a customer for life from us. The whole transition with buying the vehicle was so smooth and then it comes down to this,” Burrion said.

This dealership promised free season tickets to the Atlanta Falcons, but some customers say the tickets never arrived.

“I left 17 voicemails in a matter of a week trying to find out what was going on,” Burrion said.

The season started before she got an explanation. Cobb County Kia had run out of tickets days before she even bought her car.

“I said ‘then how can you sell me a car with the promise of the tickets and you knew you ran out of it?’  He had nothing to say,” Burrion said.

The promise of season tickets also lured Cassie Gee and her fiancé Brandon Keeler to Cobb County Kia.

“I told my friends that we’re getting Falcons tickets, we told our family even we’re getting Falcons tickets,” Keeler said. “And we still haven’t gotten our Falcons tickets yet.”

So CBS46 News went to the dealership in search of an explanation.

“Is Elvis Pressley here?” CBS46’s Adam Murphy asked.

“No he’s not,” a Cobb County Kia employee said.

That’s right, the general manager of Cobb County Kia is named Elvis Pressley.

“So he’s not in the building?” Murphy asked.

“No, Elvis is not in the building,” a Kia employee said.

Elvis may have left the building, but salesman Jimmy Hendrix was in.

“We wanted to know why this happened and what’s being done to make good on the tickets?” Murphy asked.

“I’m pretty sure KIA is taking care of everything they’ve got to. They’re going to get their tickets,” Hendrix said.

It turns out Elvis sent an email to one of the customers stating, “the promotion ended when the tickets ran out, which happened to be on the 27th of the month.”

“The promotion had ended on the 27th of July and we bought the car on the 30th so they should not have even given us the paperwork to fill out because if you give us the paperwork to fill out you have to hold up to it,” Gee and Keeler said.

“Why was this even offered if the tickets weren’t available?” Murphy asked a Cobb County Kia manager.

It said in the writing while supplies last,” Cobb County Kia General Sales Manager Andre Young said.

“Not here it doesn’t say that,” Murphy replied.

“I understand that, what we did is we took care of that and we sent those out,” Young said.

The dealership did send Burrion her tickets for the remaining Falcons games this season, but she’s still all shook up.

“I feel like I was still let down. I was promised a full season, plus preseason,” Burrion said. “Why did I only get partial? I bought the car. I was promised it, why did I only get part of it.”

After CBS46 visited the dealership, Gee and Keeler also received season tickets to the remaining Falcons games this year. For one game, the dealership is providing suite level tickets, and the couple was given a free tank of gas. That said, the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection says it is investigating the actions of the dealership.

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