Hotel Valets Secretly Drive, Destroy (And Videotape) Cars


Remember the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Remember the scene where the gang reluctantly hands the classic Ferrari California Spider’s keys over to the valet? And remember the ensuing hoonage by the valet and his coworker that results in sparks flying from the Ferrari’s undercarriage and way too many miles showing on the car’s odometer? How could you not, as it led to the film’s memorable climax where the unlucky sports car ends up in a heap after Cameron unsuccessfully tries to reverse those extra miles away.

Well, that fictitious Tinseltown scenario has since served as a cautionary tale for anyone who has ever been faced with letting a stranger drive their car. Even if you don’t happen to drive a priceless classic, you’ve probably worried about what might be happening to your vehicle once it disappears into the parking garage. It turns out you probably have reason to be concerned. In fact, a YouTube video that was recently posted by user, “Valet Underground,” might make you reconsider ever letting your car out of your sight again.

While no vehicles were launched into the air speeding over railroad tracks, the posted video shows dozens of vehicles being abused in one way or another. The story goes that one Atlanta-based AAA Valet, working at the St. Louis Hyatt hotel, used patrons’ cars to perform burnouts and other reckless acts in their underground garage. It wasn’t just sports cars either. Valet Underground tortured everything from Civics and SUVs, to Porsches and Acuras.

Thankfully they were caught and summarily fired when their egos got the best of them. Not only did they record their wicked deeds but they also had the nerve to post them on YouTube. It didn’t take long for them to be identified and stopped. Needless to say, AAA Valet doesn’t service the Hyatt Hotel anymore. While the videos have been removed from YouTube, the videos were downloaded and reposted all over the internet, including by KTVI-FOX2 in St. Louis. We think the perpetrators might end up getting even more publicity with the court cases that are sure to ensue.

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