Mercedes-Benz To Design Apartments in London, Singapore


Mercedes-Benz To Design Apartments in London, Singapore

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Remember that Bugatti villa we recently told you about? Perhaps Mercedes-Benz was paying attention because the German automaker is going to try its hand at creating high-end living spaces. Working with Fraser Hospitality Group, Mercedes-Benz will offer up six fully furnished apartments in London. The project is called Mercedes-Benz Living, and London is just the start with more to come.
The apartments are set to cater to business people living away from home for an extended period of time. Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with Burmester and Swarovski to create interior layouts focused on pairing comfort with style. We’re talking about high-end materials, sharp designs, and (we’re guessing) a better starting price than the Bugatti Villa mentioned above. The six apartments are located in the Kensington area of London, and each features just over 1,000 square feet of living space. These are two bedroom units with high-end fixtures and furniture throughout. From the S-shaped (a nod to the S-Class) sofa to the Black Magic Wall that features an integrated smart TV, it sounds like the sort of place where you might be nervous to sit on the furniture.

Beyond London, Mercedes-Benz Living will move on to Singapore. There it will ply its interior work on nine units, each with about 500 square feet of space. That’s quite a tight sound stage and it should allow the Burmester sound system to easily fill the space.
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Source: CarConnection

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