Paris Motor Show: Toyota to present new Yaris


The Japanese manufacturer will take advantage of the 2014 Paris Motor Show to showcase the 2015 Yaris, in addition to premiering a new compact crossover concept and the first ever Toyota fuel cell sedan.

Car fans in Paris will catch a glimpse of the third-generation Yaris, Toyota’s latest entry in the highly competitive segment that includes the Renault Clio, the Volkswagen Polo and the Ford Fiesta. The most noticeable updates are on the front, which has taken on a larger grille and the same X-shaped design seen on the Aygo. Under the hood, Toyota offers a 1.0-liter three-cylinder fuel engine for average fuel consumption of 4.1l/100km over a combined driving cycle and CO2 emissions of around 95g/km.

Due to launch in Europe just after the Paris Motor Show, the new Yaris will be offered in five different trim packages. Prices start at €13,500 for the three-door and €14,100 for the five-door model, and at €19,200 for the hybrid version.

Also in Paris, Toyota will stage the world premiere of the C-HR, a compact crossover concept intended to serve as the basis for future models. Toyota did not mention its possible off-road capabilities but explained that the C-HR combines “a new design language with an engaging driving experience and a hybrid powertrain.” There is a chance that the model will become a production version with a more subtle exterior design.

A hydrogen-powered sedan

Toyota will also stage the highly anticipated European premiere of the finalized FCV, the Japanese brand’s first hydrogen-powered fuel cell sedan. Due to launch in Japan next spring, the model will arrive in the US and Europe later in 2015.

The FCV is based on a concept car presented in 2013 at the Tokyo Motor Show. Without releasing specific figures, Toyota claims its hydrogen-powered sedan will be comparable to a conventional fuel car in terms of performance and range. Refueling takes just three minutes, and the car emits nothing but the water vapor resulting from the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

Finally, visitors to the Toyota stand will also see the i-Road, a surprising compact urban vehicle with three wheels. Easy to maneuver, the i-Road leans into curves like a motorcycle. With a top speed of between 45 and 60 km/h and a range of around 50km, the model was selected by the city of Grenoble, France for an all-electric urban vehicle sharing program due to launch on October 1.

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