Stolen Lamborghini Aventador Has $100,000 Reward For Recovery


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A 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster has been stolen in New York. That’s a $440,000 hole in someone’s pocket, so they’ve turned to a detective agency by the name of Pinkerton for help in its recovery. If you have information leading to that recovery you are in for a $100,000 reward. Not exactly chump change for a car that costs Trump’s change.
It seems the car was stolen from Queens, but there’s now reports that the Lamborghini theft is tied to folks down in Atlanta, Georgia. It seems that those investigating the case believe the Aventador has made its way down to the south or is waiting to be shipped off to an overseas destination. Basically, it could be anywhere now is what they’re really saying.
It’s not exactly your basic ride that will blend in wherever it arrives. Still, if it’s already in a container bound for a far off land, no one will be collecting that reward. We’ve seen Gone in 60 Seconds, we know how this all works in real life. The investigators just need to find a chalkboard that’s been written on with ink you can view with a black light lamp.
Pretty much an open-and-shut case.
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Source: CarConnection

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