Watch: Footage Of Hurricane Irma Making Landfall In The Caribbean


A footage of the Hurricane Irma landing in the Caribbean showed how strong and powerful the storm is.

The clip was posted on YouTube by PTZtv, and it was a video take from St. Martin’s Maho Beach camera at a AAA Rent-A-Car in the area.

The wind in this hurricane is reaching a 185 mph and in the footage, you can see how powerful that is.

The National Hurricane Center alarmed that the devastating storm can cause catastrophic damage.

Irma is becoming a beast, and everyone should take this warning seriously.

Barbuda and St Martin were affected by the hurricane and this was the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the area.

A weather station in Barbuda measured the wind gusts to 155 mph before disconnecting. The rise in water was almost 8 feet.

The hurricane is expected to weaken to Category 4 or 5 storm in the next two days, but that does not indicate it will be safer.

Irma is going toward the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the southeastern Bahamas and Florida, endangering U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

It has been forecast that Irma will hit Florida on Saturday with tropical-storm-force winds, and with most damaging power on Sunday. There is no way of knowing where exactly will hit, but one thing is sure – this is a powerful storm that can tear up everything on the way.

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