General Motors to open software center near Atlanta


General Motors will open the third of four new software centers near Atlanta.

The automaker plans to hire about 1,000 software engineers, project managers, database experts and others to staff the new operation in Roswell, Ga., north of Atlanta. The fourth location is to be announced soon.

The newest Innovation Center is part of GM’s effort to in-source about 90% of the company’s information technology work. When Chief Information Officer Randy Mott joined the company in February, GM workers did only about 10% of its IT work.

But Mott is confident GM can save money by doing most of that work in-house because of opportunities to eliminate overlapping software applications, databases and computer systems. That, in turn, can expedite development of new vehicles.

“We look to the Innovation Centers to design and deliver IT that drives down the cost of ongoing operations while continuously increasing the level and speed at which innovative products and services are available to GM customers,” Mott said in a statement. “The IT Innovation Centers are critical to our overall GM business strategy and IT transformation.”

In October, GM said it would hire 1,500 workers for a software center at the GM Technical Center in Warren. The company previously launched a software center in Austin, Texas, where it is hiring 500 workers.

GM also recently announced that it would hire 3,000 Hewlett-Packard employees who previously did IT work for the automaker.

The automaker gravitated toward the Atlanta area in part because of the “deep pool of high-tech expertise through the surrounding colleges, universities and talent residing in the area,” Mott said.

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