Is This A Preview Of BMW’s Planned Fuel Cell Car?


Is This A Preview Of BMW’s Planned Fuel Cell Car?

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Earlier in the year BMW showed off two prototypes fitted with hydrogen fuel cell-based powertrains. One was based on an ordinary 5-Series Gran Turismo and the other was based on a version of the i8 that was modified to be lighter and more aerodynamic than the standard plug-in hybrid sports car.We now have leaked shots of what’s alleged to be a new BMW fuel cell prototype, and some of the design elements depicted appear remarkably similar to what we saw on the i8 fuel cell prototype. The leaked shots are actually patent drawings and were first posted on Chinese website PC Auto (via China Car News).

Though it may be odd looking, the design is almost certainly dictated by aerodynamics which is likely why it has resemblance to Volkswagen’s ultra-efficient XL1. Both are shaped like a tear drop when viewed from above, with a wider front and narrower tail. Both also have sealed off, skinny wheels.While Toyota—and now Honda—is pushing ahead with mass-produced fuel cell cars, BMW, like most automakers, is taking a more cautious approach to the technology in order to see what way the market turns. BMW wants to be ready to launch a fuel cell car by 2020, but says it will only end up producing the car should the market actually demand it.
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Source: CarConnection

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