The flying car drives closer to reality


Terrafugia shows a newly updated rendering for its TF-X flying car. Development on the flying cars with promises of monumental capabilities has gone on for years, with no products yet in the hands of consumers.

Terrafugia claims to offer the future of transportation but that point still looks to be years away, if ever. The company’s Transition flying car has shown itself able to fly, but the even more ambitious TF-X has been in development for years with promises of vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. So far, we’ve only seen renderings of the sci-fi craft take to the skies, and that hasn’t changed with the latest video showing the newly updated outer mold line design.

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The TF-X’s revised shape features a sleeker, more car-like front end design and wraparound glass. Terrafugia is still making some absolutely monumental promises about the aircraft’s capabilities, though. The four-seat plane uses an engine and two electric motors for propulsion. For take off, the wings fold out from the body, and propellers on swiveling nacelles let it take to the sky vertically like a V-22 Osprey. The props then fold back once airborne, and a ducted fan starts providing thrust, at least theoretically. Terrafugia claims the TF-X could cruise at 200 miles per hour and would offer a 500-mile range.

The time when we can see a real TF-X actually take off and land could still be quite a way off. According to Terrafugia, the company now has one-tenth scale model based on the new design. The shape is still in wind tunnel testing to work out important things like the transition from takeoff to forward flight. There’s more in the press release below.

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