Toyota thanks Kiwi customers for 25 years at Number 1


3 January 2013

Toyota thanks Kiwi customers for 25
years at Number 1

Toyota New Zealand says Kiwis
deserve a huge vote of thanks for believing in the company
and making it this country’s new car sales leader for the
past quarter century.

2012 was the 25th year in a row that
Toyota has topped the new car sales charts in New Zealand.
The company’s time on top dates back to when The Cosby
was this country’s top rated TV show, CDs outsold
vinyl records for the first time and Rick Astley (Never
Gonna Give You Up
) and George Michael (Faith) had
chart-topping singles.

Toyota New Zealand CEO Alistair
Davis says while The Cosby Show and Rick Astley may
have long since faded from the nation’s consciousness, New
Zealanders’ faith in Toyota has stood the test of time and
the company has that to thank for its prolonged

“Kiwis’ belief in Toyota is obviously a
powerful force. It’s clear to us that when Kiwis find
something they love they stick with it,” he says. “We
are humbled by the loyalty and trust the New Zealand public
has put in our vehicles during the past quarter of a

We want to say a big thank you to all Toyota
lovers who have helped make us New Zealand’s best selling
car company for the past 25 years. Without the support of
our loyal customers we wouldn’t be where we are.”

Davis says Toyota NZ has sold more than 430,800 new vehicles
over the past 25 years.

More than 22,000 new vehicles sold
in 2012 compared to just over 16,000 sold 25 years

“Plenty has changed over the past 25 years. We now
have more than 100 model variants in our new vehicle range,
compared to around 60 in 1988. One massive change has been
the rise of the SUV market. Twenty-five years ago our sales
were dominated by sedans, hatchbacks and wagons and we sold
just 48 SUVs. In 2012 we sold more than 4,000.”

Mr Davis
says the introduction of hybrids is another feature of
Toyota’s last 25 years with almost 5,000 new hybrids
(including Lexus) sold in New Zealand.

Toyota New
Zealand’s top selling model over the past 25 has been the
omnipresent Corolla, with Hilux, Camry and Hiace its other

Kiwis’ love affair with Toyota has led to the
company being part of many significant milestones at both a
community and national level over the past quarter

“From the community groups we work with to all
of New Zealand’s America’s Cup challenges, Kiwis have
embraced Toyota’s involvement, which is special for us,”
Mr Davis says.

He says one thing that hasn’t changed
over the past 25 years is Toyota’s goal of helping to
fulfill its customers’ ambitions.

“That won’t change
for the next 25 years either. We can’t take the loyalty of
our customers for granted so for us it is all about the
Japanese idea of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, focused
on meeting the needs of all New


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