Want a free Tesla Model X? Convince ten people to buy a Model S right now


Tesla announced today that it’s rolling out a referral program that’s designed to boost sales through word of mouth, and it’s a pretty decent one: for every referral that current owners generate, they’ll get $1,000 — and the new buyers will get $1,000 off their purchase. The company says that the program is designed to reduce the cost of selling cars through its growing network of first-party stores; it seems like current Model S owners are probably pretty likely to gush about their cars to friends and family anyway, but this only ups the incentive. The referrals will be made through a custom link offered to current owners, which makes it sound a lot like any other referral program on the internet.

The $1,000 bonus isn’t all, though: if you refer five people, you get to tour Tesla’s upcoming Gigafactory battery manufacturing facility in Nevada. Refer ten and you’ll get to buy one of the company’s “Founder Series” Model X crossovers, which is actually kind of a big deal considering that the waitlist for the X could push new buyers a year or more out.

Oh, and one more perk: the first owner to refer ten people who buy their own Tesla will straight-up get a free Model X, which is probably somewhere around a $100,000 prize — so you’d better get to referring right now.

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